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Equine Facilitated Mentoring Program


This program is designed to create a safe and secure place for veterans and their families to work through PTSD, TBI, and other life issues using EAM/EAL (Equine assisted mentoring/Equine assisted learning). 

This program is designed by Veterans and Equine Professionals with the support of Clinicians who have personal experience in the power of equine mentoring and its ability to help those who are suffering. The horse has a God given ability to reach past the outward facade and into the heart, allowing people to begin to heal wounds that they may not have even identified.

The Veteran's Club Equine Facilitated Mentoring program has proven successful for our Veterans and has been showcased on the National stage many times. Veteran's Club Equine Facilitated Mentoring program is designed to allow participants to experience healing and increase resilience through equine mentoring as well as providing participants access to a peer support network that is second to none.  We work with individual Veterans who need to attend, homeless Veteran shelters, recovery centers, Veterans treatment courts, and even private corporations who have Veteran employees. If you would like to attend our program, please contact us.