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Veteran's Village Rules and Regulations


  1. Unless a documented disability prohibits, participants must have income source or be actively pursuing employment. Upon gainful employment, each participant must provide the VV Director with the following information: employer name, address, phone number and point of contact. Participants are responsible for their own transportation to and from work. 
  2. Participation in ALL Veterans Village assigned program activities are required. The VV Director will work with the participant to develop a Monthly Program Plan. It is the responsibility of the participant to communicate any scheduling conflict. 
  3. Participants will pay to the VV Director, on the 1st of each month, a housing fee based on income. If the 1st falls on a weekend, the fee must be paid on the following Monday. The length of temporary housing is no more than 12 months or when long term permanent housing is located and acquired (whichever comes first). The goal is to be actively working towards a more permanent housing source outside of our program. 
  4. Each participant is responsible for keeping their own living quarters clean and tidy at all times. Participants will be held accountable for the cleanliness of common areas. In the case cleaning standards are not met, participants will be subject to a weekly fee of $35. See Cleanliness Policy attached. 
  5. Participants will be held financially responsible for any damage to a unit or its furnishings. All furnishings are the property of Veteran’s Club and may not be removed for any reason. No modifications to the original decor and set up are allowed. 
  6. Staff may enter and inspect the unit with 24 hour notice. In the event of probable cause, this organization reserves the right to search your living quarters without notice. Probable cause can be but is not limited to signs of illegal drugs, cigarettes, or suspicious activity. 
  7. Veteran’s Club is not responsible for lost or stolen items. It’s encouraged that each participant secures their belongings. 
  8. The use of tobacco/vaping is prohibited inside homes and Community Center. When smoking outside, please dispose of cigarette butts in a proper receptacle which is included in the Cleanliness policy. 
  9. As an illegal drug and alcohol-free program, each participant is subject to regular and random drug screens or breathalyzers. Refusal to comply with this policy will result in immediate removal from the program. Participants are required to pass a drug screen prior to moving in. 
  10. Participation in harassment, arguing, racism, violence, or theft towards a fellow resident, staff member or visitor will not be tolerated. Verbal or physical assault of anyone in leadership may result in immediate removal from the program. 
  11. No defacing, vandalism, destruction, or graffiti of any type will be tolerated on Veteran’s Club properties. 
  12. No firearms of any kind are allowed on person or Property, unless authorized to carry. 
  13. Food is the responsibility of each participant. The Serenity Center is available for assistance during regular distribution time: Wednesdays 12-4 PM. 
  14. Participants are responsible for their own laundry. 
  15. Veteran’s Club has adopted the Kentucky Housing Corporation’s Section 8 regulations regarding visitation at the Veterans Village. Participants may have visitors no more than three days a week for no more than three hours in a day. 
  16. Any overnight stay or extended absence from the Veterans Village assigned unit, must be requested and approved by the VV Director. 
  17. No pets of any kind are allowed with the exception of certified service animals in accordance with KRS 258.500. 
  18. Participants are to give the VV Director a two week notice of their decision to vacate. On the last day of occupancy, payment of any outstanding fee(s) is expected. Upon leaving, participants will have three days to retrieve all personal property. A member of staff must be present and it must be during regular business hours. 
  19. Participants who are discharged from the program will be assisted by staff in gathering belongings and vacating the premises. 
  20. Participants will be subject to the Veteran’s Club Disciplinary Action Policy. (See attached form)